We are honored and humbled that a growing list of Canadian PR, Study Permit and Visitor Visa applicants trusted Dr. Jasvir Pannu for guiding them throughout the process. We are happy to share some of the success stories below.

Study Permits (Student Visa)

Navprateek Bhullar of Malerkotla, Punjab sought our help to decide a suitable college and program of study and write a strong Statement of Purpose (SOP) for study permit. After successfully completing her study at Georgian College, Barrie Ontario now she is a permanent resident.

Navrisham Bhullar of Malerkotla, Punjab graduated from GNDU Amritsar with Bachelor in Computer Engineering. We guided her for selecting suitable master’s degree program and university. We also helped her with the study permit application that resulted in her joining the University of Waterloo. After graduation we assisted her in obtaining the post-graduate work permit (PGWP) and subsequently she received her PR using Ontario’s PNP program for advanced degree holders. Navrisham is now happily living in the downtown Toronto area.

Permanent Residency (PR)

Dr. Jasleen Kaur and her husband worked with us for their PR application. They were residing in New Zealand on post study work permit that was about to expire. We worked aggressively to properly file Jasleen’s PR application on very tight timeline. As a result they were able to migrate directly to Canada from New Zealand, coincidently they landed at Toronto airport on a snowy Christmas eve.

Gurpreet Kaur Saran with her family of four from Chandigarh was waiting for a few years to receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for their Express Entry application. We evaluated their case using different scenarios to optimize their chances of receiving an ITA. After their receiving their ITA we helped them with filing their PR application. Now they are happily settled in Kitchener, Ontario.

Gurmanjinder Toor, Samaljot Grewal and their son were waiting for a while for their PR of Australia or Canada. We helped them strengthening their case for Australia on multiple fronts at the same time optimizing their profile for Canadian Express Entry. As a result they were awarded PR for both countries. We are happy that they chose Calgary, Alberta as their permanent home.

Dr. Tadbir Sandhu with a family of three had a dental practice in Ahmadgarh, Punjab. We carefully reviewed his case. We guided Dr. Sandhu to prove his work experience and the income from his dental practice. We also worked extensively on his letter of explanation. Dr. Sandhu and his family are now happily settled in Prince George, BC. We are proud that Dr. Sandhu is working to get back into his dental profession.

Pawandeep Bhangu and her husband who were in Canada on post graduate work permit (PGWP). We helped them prepare their Express Entry profile followed by filing the PR application. We advised them for selecting the best NOC, for required content of employment reference letters, and writing a strong letter of explanation (LOE). The couple is now settled in Prince George, BC.

Visitor Visa

Visitor visa application of Armaan Singh Aulakh, an 8th grade student of Samarala, Punjab to attend his sister’s graduation in Surrey, BC was initially rejected because of his lack of travel history. We successfully defended his case on the grounds of being a minor to have a travel history and pointing visa officers to the history of his parents and grand parents.

We successfully helped Sukhvir Kaur with her visitor visa application with a creative letter of explanation to prove her ties in India in the absence of any immediate family members in India.

We guided Dalbir Singh and his wife with their visitor visa application, which was a delicate case in the light of their prior history with Canadian Immigration office.

An initial attempt by Manjeet Singh and his wife of Dhurkot, Punjab for a Canadian visitor visa was rejected for a lack of strong case presentation. We helped him defend his case by writing a strong letter of intent, clearly proving his strong financial, family and social ties in India for a successful conclusion. Manjeet and his wife have since visited their sons and grandson in BC twice.